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Peneil Youth Ministry

A firm and bright future is the one which has people who have been empowered to implement change, behind her and can lean on them. One of the building blocks of a firm and bright future is empowering the youth. If a bright future can be guaranteed, then we need to empower our youth. We must help them realize what they are made of, the potentials they possess, and also inspire them (the youth) to explore the potentials with which God has blessed them.
The youth ministry of Peniel House Ministries International believes that, the youth, if given the opportunity will play a major role or contribute effectively to the growth of the church. The ministry brings the youth of the church together not only for the fun of it but to build a firm relationship among the youth and also ensures that they grow spiritually by equipping them with the word of God.


As part of a mother church and a subgroup of Peniel House Ministries International, our main focus is to reach our generation (the youth) with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with a marked objective of equipping and preparing them for the effective work of ministry in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The youth ministry coordinates series of programs and events for young adults intended to unveil leadership traits and abilities in order to affect our society and the world at large. We inspire the youth, help them realize their potentials, and ensure that they grow spiritually by equipping them with the word of God, to get them prepared for the kingdom work.

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