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He lives, yes he lives. The savior who was long for told about, by the prophet Isaiah. Born of his kindred and cursed by same. Hosanna, as was his welcome greetings to the great city Jerusalem. Plagued by the devil and ushered onto the cross, by one of his own, Judas Iscariot. But for this purpose, he came to man. Carried and took with him to grave, sins he never committed. For he was without blame, the sacrificial Lamb of God. The big stone rolled away, to give way to victory over sin and over death. Salvation knocks at your door, for his deed. Jesus, the savior.

Come all, in remembrance of this; that the son of man has done. Your sins are swept away. Your debts have been paid. Salvation seeks to embrace you.

Easter convention 2017… The grace auditorium … Your sins aren’t bigger than the cross. SALVATION is key. Amen!!!

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