A word from the Senior Pastor

Apostle Ali asomah Isaac

Month of JULY


EPHESIANS 5:18, ISAIAH 11:2-9, JOEL 2:1-26

In this month Of July, there will be massive influences of the Holy Spirit in every dimension of life. We shall see the manifestations of the Spirit like never before. Both the latter and former rain are coming together as one. Get geared up for the mighty Move of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives; just like recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. This is going to be the golden age of the church, when the church of Jesus Christ shall rise to become the shining star to which all nations shall run to for help. Through the Influence of the Holy Spirit the Church will be the answer that the world is looking for.

The massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit will precede the coming of our Lord, to prepare and position the church as a light in this dark world, and a beacon of hope in these evil and gloomy days.

It is time to allow the Holy Spirit to influence your life and everything that concerns you. Allow Him to influence your mind, your thoughts, decisions, attitudes and your behavior. The Holy Spirit must influence your business, career, children, marriage, family, home. This is the beginning of the glorious manifestations of the Sons of God – Romans 8.

Just as prophesied by the Prophet in Joel 2:1-26, God is building and raising a new generation of Believers who are full of The Holy Spirit. Who are going to be the fearsome army of God in these last days; taking whole nations territory after territory, city after city, and possessing the treasures of darkness and hidden riches in secret places. This is the season of the Influences of the Holy Spirit.